In heating technology, perfect tuning of all components is essential for achieving optimum performance and efficiency. This is why ebm‑papst offers complete gas/air composite systems blower, Venturi, gas valve, and burner control from a single source – the RadiMix system solutions.

System solution for every heat requirement
The decisive factor in any gas/air composite system is the correct gas/air ratio. This is the only way to guarantee efficient combustion with a high level of efficiency. The RadiMix HS 100 system solution supplies modern gas condensing units in residential buildings with the optimum amount and composition of gas and air in the power range of up to 50 kW. The RadiMix HS 108 system solution in the power range up to 80 kW is particularly suitable for commercial applications and apartment buildings.

High efficiency and suitable Venturis
To achieve a high degree of effectiveness and ideal flow geometry, the blade geometry of the gas blowers has been optimized and adapted to the housing. The EC motors integrated into the blowers ensure high efficiency. In addition, ebm‑papst offers various Venturis, e.g. the new high-efficiency Venturi or the Multiventuri, depending on the heating capacity range. Depending on the customer's requirements, the gas valve can be mounted directly on the Venturi or positioned remotely elsewhere on the device. The available Venturis enable flexible, compact, and space-saving integration in the devices. They are designed as completely tested and coordinated units with optimized interfaces to minimize the integration effort.

Suitable for pneumatic and electronic networks
The RadiMix system solution with high-efficiency Venturi can be used in both pneumatic and electronic networks. The pneumatic valves regulate the mixing ratio using the vacuum on the Venturi while electronic actuation of the gas valve enables the mixing ratio to be actively adjusted in the electrical composite system. All components are already certified for up to 20 percent hydrogen admixture and are tested by DVGW. ebm‑papst is also currently developing a system solution that will allow a mixture of 100 percent hydrogen and air to be burned.