The "drive experts", i.e. the drive experts at ebm-papst, have wide-ranging product expertise, application expertise and they produce drive solutions with smart networking capabilities. This knowledge will now be shared in a new online seminar series. Target groups are customers and potential customers, automation specialists, designers, developers and contacts in the purchasing department.

Modular drive system - something for everyone

Things will get started with Seminar 1, which will present the modular drive system from ebm-papst. Here, EC motors with integrated electronics can be combined flexibly with transmissions and brakes for use in a variety of applications. Seminar 2 will be dedicated to the topic of internal and external rotor motors. A distinction is always made between brushless and brushed internal rotor motors and brushless external rotor motors. Each motor type has its advantages and is used according to requirements. 

Control electronics make drives smart

Seminars 3 and 4 will discuss the topic "Drive systems with integrated or external control electronics.” The K4 and K5 control electronics will be presented here. The K4 control electronics provide numerous monitoring functions such as voltage, current, speed, temperature, etc. The K5 control electronics also provide a CANopen communication interface; commissioning is done with DriveSTUDIO software and epTools from ebm-papst and is explained briefly. 

The world of transmissions and drives in the safety extra-low voltage range

To round out the drive system, ebm-papst offers various transmission series for a wide range of requirements, such as angular and planetary gears. These will be presented in Seminar 5 together with the transmissions’ mechanical interfaces. Seminar 6 will provide insights into the company ebm-papst and its processes especially for purchasing contacts. The ECI drives also form the technical basis for the product partnership concluded with Siemens. Under the designation SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE, a new servodrive system for the safety extra-low voltage range will be introduced and explained in Seminar 7.

- September 15, 2020: "Introduction to the world of drive technology at ebm-papst"

- September 30, 2020: "Internal rotor vs. external rotor drives"

- October 15, 2020: "K4 servo drive systems for internal and external rotors"

- October 28, 2020: "K5 servo drive systems for internal rotors"

- November 10, 2020: "Transmissions & technologies: mechanical interfaces"

- November 19, 2020: "For Purchasing: Insights into processes"

- December 3, 2020: "Siemens MICRO-DRIVE"

The online seminars will take place from 10:00 to 10:45 AM in German language only. For additional information and to register, please click hereParticipation is free of charge, but the number of participants is limited!