Create individual drive solutions yourself
The online portal is targeted to all consumers; primarily to developers who are looking for the right drive as a solution to their drive application. In the online portal, users can select among various motor concepts (BLDC external and internal rotor motors with integrated electronics), suitable transmission technologies (planetary, spur and crown gearheads), integrated logic and power electronics with different control functions, and encoder and brake modules to configure and order individual drive solutions themselves.

Start configuration with the transmission too
Alongside significantly improved intuitive operation and a new look, the most important new feature is that configuration no longer has to be started with the motor. Now users can also start with a transmission or the control electronics.

3D Step files available in the portal
And 3D Step files are also available in the online portal for all products now. This makes it easier for developers to include the solution directly in their application. Designated preferred types are ready to ship within 48 hours. This means that customers can test the drive combinations they have selected in their application quickly. Drives with the designation SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE from the product partnership with Siemens are also available in the new online portal.

Perfectly harmonized modules
The individual components available are technically harmonized modules with a space-saving design that can be integrated into existing machine concepts. Due to the reduced number of mechanical components, installation is much easier. And simplified electrical hookup enables quicker, less complicated installation and commissioning.

The online portal is available in German and English with immediate effect at