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First representative of the new modular system ebm-papst has revised the proven ECI-42.xx BLDC drive and is premiering the first representative of the new modular system for drives at SPS/IPC/Drives. In the basic version, the module consists of motors with Hall sensors (K1 motors), an integrated encoder and brake, a transmission and an industrial-grade connector. It is available in degree of protection IP54. The electrical hookup in the basic version is a plug, but the drive can also be assembled with cables. Thanks to predefined preferred types, selected drive configurations are available for shipping within 48 hours so customers can receive small orders quickly. Further drives will be developed according to the new modular concept in succession. DriveSTUDIO: commissioning and service tool With the new DriveSTUDIO software from ebm-papst, drives can be parameterized more simply, quickly and intuitively. Factory-side default parameters such as speed, route to be covered, soft start, etc. can be changed via the software. In this way, preferred types or just a few drives can be promptly tested in the application. For series order, the required parameterization can be loaded in the factory. Due to the different modes (demo, parameterization), the software is suitable for application engineers and users with little programming know-how. DriveSTUDIO is connected via a USB interface adapter and a computer with the Windows operating system is required. The software will also be launched at SPS/IPC/Drives. Compact fan for extreme conditions In the future, the 420J tubeaxial fan from ebm-papst will be available in degree of protection IP68, EMC protection class B and have a voltage input of 48 V DC. The IP68 protection class in conjunction with improved EMC properties will make it much easier to use in automation applications such as variable frequency drives or motor soft starters. And the fan is optimally equipped for use in freezer packaging machines and lasers, plus telecommunications and IT applications.