Under the title of "Decentralized intelligence – smart centrifugal fans in a scroll housing", Product & Market Manager Danijel Debak will present the centrifugal fans on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 from 14:40-15:00, at the forum in Hall 3, Stand 3-668. Entry is free of charge for visitors to the trade show, and the presentation will be held in German. Integrated central control electronics In addition to their outstanding properties in terms of air performance and noise emissions, the RadiCal units come equipped with intelligent IoT features as standard. The central electronics integrated in the blower offer further options in addition to motor control. A vane anemometer positioned in the outlet of the scroll housing continuously records the actual air flow and transmits the data to the integrated central control electronics of the fan. These control electronics adapt the speed of the EC motor to the desired setpoint value, thus regulating the air volume. Option to read out motor operating data Furthermore, three external sensors can also be connected to record additional individual parameters. Alongside the values detected by the sensors, it is also possible to record the operating data of the motor via the central fan electronics. This enables recording of the running time of the blower in order to determine when the filter needs to be changed, for example. All information can be communicated conveniently via the MODBUS-RTU interface and can be managed and monitored remotely. Centrifugal fans with utmost versatility The RadiCal units in a scroll housing were originally developed for use in central residential ventilation units. In his presentation Danijel Debak will discuss new industry applications, for example forced ventilation or cooling of variable frequency drives. Profile of Danijel Debak Danijel Debak has a degree in industrial engineering (University of Applied Sciences) and has been employed at ebm-papst in Mulfingen since 2016. In his role as Product & Market Manager he is responsible for centrifugal fans in Sales.