Best under pressure
The pressure-resistant AxiEco series

Victorious in the fight against
ice formation, noise and energy losses

Tough ambient conditions prevail in the ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration sector as well as in mechanical engineering. If you want to deal with these effectively, you need real superforces. Such as AxiEco: top form under pressure, equippedwith the best features and highly efficient. Even super scoundrels such as Mr. Iceand Pressure Man do not have a chance!


The next level of performance and stable under pressure:
the AxiEco series.

Durable, highly efficient and quiet.

The duo of AxiEco Protect and AxiEco Perform impresses in EC and AC models with their robustness, high performance, low noise levels and economical operation. This makes AxiEco axial fans the best choice for various applications in these sectors.

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Would you like to find out more about the industry-specific strengths of the AxiEco series and also get to know all the technical product data? You will find the product brochure here. And, to top things off, the comic, which summarizes all AxiEco superforces in an entertaining way.

Clever design details for perfect protection.


In accordance with the latest findings in aerodynamics, the blade shape has undergone three-dimensional improvements and the impeller has been optimized.


The AxiEco Perform features an integrated guard grill and an inlet ring made of composite material that is integrated into the housing - perfect for plug & play.


There is no tip gap between the fan housing and the impeller in the AxiEco series. The impeller, integrated diffuser ring and hub form a compact unit. The blade tips go directly into the integrated diffuser ring and that has several advantages: There is no flow over the blade tips; instead, this results in increased efficiency and improvednoise characteristics. Therefore, the blades can no longer freeze on the fan housing.


The AxiEco Protect’s fan blades have grooves. This increases its mechanical stability, in turn enabling a higher power density.


The AxiEco Perform is equipped with guide blades that provide the swirl in the outflow field, thus reducing dynamic losses to a minimum. The air throw as compared to conventional axial fans is therefore increased noticeably.


In the AxiEco series, the integrated diffuser ring is integrated directly into the impeller, where it acts as a diffuser. This means that the impeller has the largest outflow angle possible. Due to its pressure-increasing effect the diffuser reduces outlet losses and increases the fan's efficiency. The diffuser also helps to reduce the noise.

Questions and answers about the AxiEco series.


The AxiEco Protect fan with guard grill is particularly well-suited to noise-sensitive applications, as its noise emissions are very low. By contrast, the AxiEco Perform fan with housing is recommended in situations that require a ready-to-install fan. With air flows over 12,000 m3/h and pressures of up to nearly 500 Pa, its range of applications is very wide, from heat pumps and evaporators to industrial ventilation systems and cooling air compressors. The AxiEco Perform can be used to draw air in or push it out.


Ice formation particularly afflicts evaporators if the humidity precipitates on the heat exchanger as ice at cold ambient temperatures. This means that the air path is restricted and the pressure increases. This is where the AxiEco Protect’s key benefit comes in: At higher back pressures, it offers much greater pressure reserves than other fans. This extends the intervals between defrosting cycles and means that the refrigerating plant can be operated more efficiently for longer periods. Another advantage is its optimized ice formation behavior: AxiEco axial fans have no tip gap. meaning that the impeller is unlikely to freeze up. Last but not least, its better flow profile delays ice formation on the guard grill because the interior air is not drawn in again but remains in an axial direction.


Since the AxiEco series can be operated at higher speeds, it achieves a higher air performance per area. Compared to other axial fans, this means that fewer fans are required to deliver the same performance. This not only increases the overall efficiency, but also saves space.


There will be more stringent requirements for the efficiency of fans by the time the next stage of the ErP comes into force. The AxiEco series already easily fulfills these criteria: in terms of performance, the AxiEco Perform impresses compared to the HyBlade; with its full nozzle, it is much more efficient.


The AxiEco series is up to 6 dB(A) quieter than the HyBlade (depending on the size). The main reason for this is that the impeller, integrated diffuser ring and hub form a compact unit. The blade tips seamlessly join the integrated diffuser ring so there is no longer any tip gap between the fan housing and the impeller. This results in hardly any turbulence in the edge area – and therefore also less noise. The integrated diffuser also helps to reduce noise, meaning that the noise level remains pleasantly low even at higher pressure ranges.


With the next stage of the ErP Directive (Energy-related Products Directive), the EU has set out binding minimum efficiency levels for fans. Only those who meet the required standard values will receive the CE mark for their end devices. With the AxiEco series, manufacturers are on the safe side and are ideally equipped for the future. The AxiEco series fully complies with the new ErP requirements. These fans are considerably more efficient than previous axial fans, meaning that they operate much more efficiently.

The new AxiEco series meets the requirements of the next ErP stage, regardless of the motor technology used. However, EC technology offers additional benefits. For example:

– better efficiency than AC motors

– lower energy consumption and, therefore, less waste heat

– demand-based control via a 0 to 10 V signal

– some motor variants can also be controlled via MODBUS RTU

– high efficiency and low energy consumption in partial-load operation

– high EC motor speeds permit much better air performance

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