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Long live oil-cooled transformers.

A world without electricity is unthinkable today. It's obvious that, when the demand for energy grows, the supply network also becomes more and more complex, and more demanding. This makes large high-power transformers essential, whether it’s for electricity generation, transmission or distribution in power plants, industrial operations or electrical substations.

The problem: These transformers generate a lot of waste heat when they are in operation. To ensure their operating reliability and to prevent damage due to overheating, they require additional cooling.

Your solution from ebm-papst: customized fans that are particularly quiet and energy-efficient, and have long service lives to guarantee grid operators a high level of cost-effectiveness. Our fans for oil-cooled transformers satisfy all the requirements for the demanding process of cooling large transformers as per DIN EN 50216-12 and are ideally equipped for use around the world.

With ebm-papst technology, plant manufacturers and operators decide to adopt the most efficient solution on the market, because all the components are perfectly coordinated.

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The optimum solution for your transformer

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Each of our fans is customized. Of course, all of our customers benefit from their many advantages:

  • Rugged design
  • Quiet operation
  • Long service life
  • Simple commissioning
  • Low power consumption

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