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The ISH 2021 was the meeting platform for sanitary, heating and air-conditioning experts from all over the world – this time in digital form. 


Exciting content and thrilling interaction at your fingertips!

Apart from the ebm-papst ISH trade show with our product highlights, the event agenda of the ISH has some of our best specialists sharing expert knowledge with you on the following topics:

  • Heat-Pump business @ ebm-papst: News and trends from the world of fans, Tuesday, 03/23/2021, 12:30 pm, Speaker: Marcel Rössler 
  • Shaping the future with ebm-papst: Megatrends in heating technology, Tuesday, 03/23/2021, 12:00 pm, Speaker: Markus Weingart 
  • Building Connect - Building optimization for everyone, Wednesday, 03/24/2021, 12:30 pm, Speaker: Waldemar Wagner 

You missed the ISH digital 2021? 
Watch our expert presentations in full length here!

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Just for the ISH, we also have a special surprise waiting for your: In our product hall which you can only access via our ISH trade show, you will find interactive product applications, exclusive content, our experts being personal available to exchange ideas and, last but not least, another presentation entitled “Residential ventilation – redefined”. Simply join us to find out more!


RadiCal in scroll housings

Intelligent automation – with smart RadiCals in scroll housings

  • Monitors humidity, motor temperature and ambient temperature
  • Precisely sets air flow and operating points
  • Constant air performance, even as filters become clogged
  • Issues filter change and malfunction warnings in good time
  • Low energy costs thanks to EC technology



Intelligent self-protection – with RadiPac fans featuring a vibration sensor

  • Automatic imbalance detection independent of speed: Vibration amplitude display
  • Comparison to reference value
  • “Circumvents” resonant frequencies for a longer service life
  • Maintenance warning if there is permanent imbalance



Intelligent combination – with modular FanGrid solutions

  • Redundancy ensures operational reliability
  • Avoids critical speed ranges
  • Controls the system according to demand
  • Displays the optimal operating point
  • High air flow


RadiMix VG100 with LIN bus

Intelligent communication – with RadiMix: the complete solution with networking

  • Future-proof thanks to full Industry 4.0 capability
  • Communicates system data to the device’s control system using LIN bus networking
  • Easy integration of digital heating functions
  • Monitors the condition of the blower and the surroundings
  • Predictive maintenance to reduce service costs



With the strong AxiEco Protect and AxiEco Perform duo, ebm-papst has managed to develop a series that perfectly adapts to the requirements of evaporators, condensers, air heaters, heat pumps and switch cabinet and generator cooling systems, as well as numerous other applications.

High-efficiency fans for decentralized ventilation units

Decentralized ventilation units are fitted in separate rooms and are controlled individually. They collect the thermal energy in the exhaust air using a heat accumulator or heat exchanger and use it to control the temperature of the fresh outside air.


Switch for Good - Natural refrigerants

Our ventilation- and drive-technology solutions satisfy standards for flammable refrigerants, which helps manufacturers and operators to switch for Good.


CleanEco and CleanVario

With CleanEco, the well proven pneumatic combustion control system, and CleanVario, the new electronic counterpart, we offering well-thought-out solutions for residential buildings of up to 150 kW from a single source, taking the next important step in developing gas condensing technology.



Towards a more sustainable future through digital technology.

Our GreenIntelligence philosophy combines two of our most important convictions: That we not only want to work economically, but also in a resource-friendly and environmentally friendly way, and that the possibilities of digitalization give us the tools we need to achieve this goal. Digital technology as an enabler of practical sustainability – in our work and for our customers. We assume responsibility with our energy-saving products, environmentally friendly processes, and social commitment.