ebm‑papst Inc. has announced a significant expansion at its manufacturing and engineering facility in Farmington, Connecticut, showcasing the company's dedication to bolstering local production capabilities and fostering workforce growth.

Set to kick off this summer, the approximately $3 million project entails a substantial 14,500-square-foot extension to the existing facility. Central to this expansion is the revitalization of the Tooling Center—the division responsible for crafting equipment used in manufacturing at both locations in Connecticut and Tennessee.

One pivotal enhancement includes upgrading the Tooling Center's size and capabilities to better support ebm‑papst Inc.'s manufacturing needs. Additionally, a new drive-through dock will be constructed, designed to streamline material handling and truck circulation with convenient side-unloading capabilities, optimizing logistical efficiency.

Moreover, the expansion initiative encompasses extensive landscaping efforts to elevate the site's visual appeal and the installation of new lighting for enhanced functionality and aesthetics. These improvements underscore ebm‑papst Inc.'s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Concerning the importance of this project, Mark Shiring, CEO Air Technology Americas says, "The expanded Tooling Center underscores our commitment to optimizing production processes and enhancing support for our North American operations. By localizing our tooling capabilities, we aim to boost efficiency and responsiveness while reducing reliance on external resources."

This upcoming expansion follows closely on the heels of a significant growth investment made by the company less than two years ago. After only 12 months of construction, ebm‑papst Inc. opened its second location in the United States in November 2022—a new production plant for highly energy-efficient, electronically commutated (EC) fans and motors in Telford, Tennessee.

Construction for the Connecticut expansion project is expected to commence later this year, aligning with ebm‑papst's unwavering commitment to operational excellence and sustainable growth in North America.

Mark Shiring, CEO Air Technology Americas, welcomes the investment in Farmington to strengthen local capacities in North America.