Fans in refrigerated cabinets are in use around the clock. That is why it is particularly noticeable when they save energy. Ever-increasing energy prices mean that even converting older refrigerated cabinets can quickly prove worthwhile. At the EuroShop trade fair from February 26 to March 2, 2023, in Düsseldorf, ebm‑papst will be presenting energy-efficient solutions for a wide range of refrigerated cabinet requirements in hall 15 at booth F39.

Robust and ATEX-certified
The new ebm‑papst compact fans from the AxiACi series in sizes 92 and 120 are available for commercial refrigerated cabinets, such as service counters in supermarkets. Refrigerated cabinet manufacturers benefit from their potential operating temperatures down to -40° C (including when starting up), DIN EN 60335-2-89 approval, ATEX certification (DIN EN 60079-7 (Group 2A, T4)), and resistance to salt spray, water jets or dust (IP65). The power consumption is up to 83% lower than that of comparable AC fans with the same air flow. This means that they pay for themselves after just a few months. The compact fans are also extremely quiet and are suitable for international use thanks to their broad voltage input.

Simply replacing fans one-for-one
ebm‑papst has developed the iQ-one EC motor for easy one-for-one replacement of existing Q or shaded-pole motors of up to 5 watts. Compared to conventional Q motors, it operates with a significantly higher efficiency of up to 50 % and is extremely quiet, even at full power. It is designed for all typical supply voltages and can therefore be used worldwide. The iQ-one can be combined with different fan impellers in sizes 154, 172 and 200 mm. As standard, the new motor meets the European standards EN 60335-2-24 (Household appliance standard - Particular requirements for refrigerating appliances, ice-cream appliances and ice makers) and EN 60335-2-89 (Household appliance standard - Particular requirements for commercial refrigerating appliances and icemakers) and is suitable for today's natural and flammable refrigerants.

Energy efficiency in refrigerated display cases
Even more energy can be saved in refrigerated display cases with energy-saving fans from the ESM series. They operate at efficiency levels of over 70 % at just 10 % of the power consumption of comparable shaded-pole motors and offer demand-based speed control and networking options. As a compact complete plug-and-play system, the individual components, such as the impeller, motor, and electronics, are perfectly coordinated.

ebm-papst offers energy-saving fan solutions for various refrigerated cabinet applications.
ebm-papst offers energy-saving fan solutions for various refrigerated cabinet applications.