The Mostra Convegno trade show in Milan will be held for the 43rd time from June 28 to July 1, 2022. At Booth B21-C22 in Hall 24, ebm‑papst will be presenting intelligent solutions and new developments in refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology, as well as heating technology.

The largest of its kind
With the new RadiPac series, ebm‑papst has succeeded in significantly improving existing centrifugal fans yet again: they operate with significantly higher efficiency levels and higher speeds ensure more air flow and higher pressures, meaning that even high-pressure applications can be covered. The impeller developed according to the latest aerodynamic findings drastically reduces flow losses and further decreases the noise levels. For the first time, the new, most powerful EC motor, FanDrive 280, is also used in the large RadiPac sizes. This delivers a torque of 180 Nm with an electrical power of up to 24 kW. For example, it used in the size 800 RadiPac and enables a free-air air performance of up to 50,000 m3/h and maximum pressures of 2,300 Pa.

The new axial fans in the AxiEco series from ebm‑papst are now also suitable for applications that require high air flows with a relatively high back pressure, meaning that ventilation and air conditioning devices can benefit from higher air flow rates. The AxiEco series has been successfully established on the market for two years and is now being expanded to include sizes 630, 800 and 910. The axial fan now makes air flows of over 25,000 m³/h and pressures of up to 700 Pa possible and is suitable for applications in chillers and evaporators, industrial process cooling, data centers and mobile refrigeration technology, for example.

System solution for every heat requirement
The crucial factor of a gas/air composite system consisting of blower, venturi, gas valve and control system is the correct gas/air ratio. This is the only way to guarantee efficient combustion with a high level of efficiency.
RadiMix gas blowers supply modern gas condensing units with the optimum quantity and composition of gas and air in a power range of 80-150 kW and are ideal for heating modern residential buildings. The RadiMix system solution with high-efficiency venturi can be used in both pneumatic and electronic networks. The pneumatic valves regulate the mixing ratio using the vacuum on the venturi while electronic actuation of the gas valve enables the mixing ratio to be actively adjusted in the electrical composite system. All components are already certified for up to 20 percent hydrogen admixture and are tested by DVGW.

The best of both worlds
Hybrid systems are a particularly important technology for reducing the use of fossil fuels. A hybrid solution consisting of a gas condensing unit and heat pump is characterized in particular by perfectly coordinated system components. While the heat pump provides the basic heating load, the gas condensing unit provides support at low outside temperatures. In turn, the gas blower helps to increase efficiency.

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ebm-papst will be presenting intelligent solutions and new developments in refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology, and heating technology at Mostra Convegno 2022.