The Intralogistics Conference of Intralogistik-Netzwerk in Baden-Württemberg e.V. will take place this year on May 18 and 19 at ebm‑papst in St. Georgen, Germany. The theme of the industry get-together is “Mobile agents: a viable option with no technology gaps?”. Visitors can expect more than 20 specialist presentations in three parallel forums and an accompanying trade exhibition.

Intralogistics has become more relevant in many areas. Due in no small part to the pandemic, the requirements for processes and technologies have changed. Rigid conveyor belts and linear production lines are often outdated. Demand for intralogistics solutions is rising sharply – which is why this year’s Intralogistics Conference is focusing on automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Topics will include new developments in the areas of drive components, sensors, energy supply, navigation, and safety technology.

Focus: Omnidirectional maneuvering
The experts at ebm‑papst will also present two specialist presentations in the specialist forum for vehicle solutions, applications, and drives.
Markus Kuner, Head of Sales OEM & Market Management, will discuss the modularization of a Smart Factory together with Lionel Roche from SEW-Eurodrive. The innovative use of omnidirectional enabling technology ensures an optimum route in intelligent assistance systems.
Patrick Schumacher, Head of Product Management, and Simon Scharnweber, Market Manager Intralogistics, will follow up on this presentation by demonstrating how the ArgoDrive driving/steering system is used as a game changer in drive technology for mobile applications. “The infinite steering angle of the ArgoDrive gives AGVs space-saving, omnidirectional maneuverability in any situation. This is particularly needed for fine positioning on the machine and at material transfer stations,” says Patrick Schumacher, prefacing his presentation.

More mobility with a new drive solution
The ArgoDrive combines propulsion and steering functions in a single drive unit – consisting of a motor, transmission, omnidirectional steering, sensors, and all the necessary connections. The infinite steering angle enables free-range vehicle movement. The use of two driving/steering systems guarantees completely omnidirectional freedom of movement. ebm‑papst offers its driving/steering system in Light, Standard, and Heavy versions for weight classes up to 100, 300 or 500 kg, respectively. Four driving/steering systems in the Heavy version allow a total vehicle weight of up to two metric tons. This makes it possible to move large loads, even if there are inclines.

Technical presentations from ebm‑papst
Date:               Thursday, May 19, 2022
Location:       Site 1 – Hagenmoos St. Georgen I Specialist forum for vehicle solutions/applications/drives
                          Kronenacker 2, 78112 St. Georgen, Germany

Photo: Compact, low-wearing and omnidirectional: These are the key strengths of the ArgoDrive driving/steering system.
Photo: Compact, low-wearing and omnidirectional: These are the key strengths of the ArgoDrive driving/steering system.