Drives and fans for imaging applications 

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Instead of meeting in Düsseldorf like every other year, the 2020 medical technology industry meeting will be held virtually. What remains the same is the date: November 16-19, 2020. ebm-papst will be presenting drive technology solutions for the medical sector at virtual.COMPAMED.

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Devices in clinics, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and care have to be reliable and powerful. ebm-papst drives and fans have to cool, air condition, lift, pump or drive and ensure that diagnosis and treatments get easier, more efficient and quieter for patients.

Drives for imaging applications

The compact ECI 42 drives from ebm-papst are used in imaging applications, for example in X-rays, CT scanners, and MRT devices. Whether rotating, moving, positioning - just a constant speed or a certain position provides precise results, enabling exact imaging and thus facilitating diagnosis. Low noise, high performance across all movement steps and operational reliability are of key importance here and place high demands on the drives used.

Cooling of the high-performance electronics in CT devices

Compact fans from ebm-papst are also indispensable in imaging applications, as they cool the high-performance electronics for the control, diagnosis, and output from CT devices. The new AxiForce series from ebm-papst is used here. These axial compact fans are available in three sizes and are characterized by aerodynamically optimized impellers and fan housings. They achieve lower noise emissions by up to 7 dB(A) and are therefore ideal for use in medical equipment. The new generation therefore delivers more power with less noise, which is particularly important, especially in applications close to people.

By contrast, the highly dynamic RV45 centrifugal fan is used in alternating pressure mattresses in anti-bedsore treatment, in respirators in intensive care medicine, and for sleep apnea, for example. At both high and low speeds, the flow noise of the air is reduced significantly so that it is as quiet as possible.

Participation in virtual.COMPAMED is free of charge; for further information and registration, visit