LIN-capable gas blowers in the RadiMix type series for use in boilers.
LIN-capable gas blowers in the RadiMix type series for use in boilers.

Digital heating and H2-ready
ebm-papst is a market leader for efficient components and complete, optimally tuned systems for gas condensing technology. At the Mostra Convegno, ebm-papst will demonstrate the gas blowers of the RadiMix platform. Thanks to the digital LIN bus interface, sensor data in addition to blower-specific data such as power consumption, air flow and speed can now be processed in the interest of GreenIntelligence. This data allows manufacturers of boilers to use predictive maintenance and condition monitoring. ebm-papst is also preparing its gas-air composite systems for gas condensing units to use the climate-neutral fuel hydrogen so that they will be H2-ready.

Compact axial fans for air conditioning and refrigeration applications
In the air conditioning and refrigeration sector, ebm-papst will present the expansion of the AxiBlade type series in Hall 24. The areas of application for the sizes 630 to 910 are many and varied: evaporators, condensers and heat pumps. The impellers of the axial fans are made of a composite material and feature a profiled blade geometry and winglets for maximum efficiency. The AxiBlade units can be connected very easily with plug & play. A 1:1 replacement of previous fans in customer units is no problem thanks to the identical exterior measurements of the fan housings. The flat construction of the AxiBlade fans makes transport easy.

Heat pumps are becoming more popular
For air-water heat pumps, ebm-papst has axial and centrifugal fans in its product line. RadiCal centrifugal fans with diameters from 190 to 630 mm are ideal for interior use since their design makes them suitable for higher pressure requirements and they are compactly built. Quiet axial fans such as the AxiBlade fans with diameters from 350 to 630 mm are used primarily for outdoor applications. ebm-papst will also present an innovative combination of gas condensing technology with heat pumps, a so-called hybrid system. Depending on the development of electricity and gas prices and depending on the outdoor temperature, the 900HP controller, which was developed in-house, controls the cooperation of instantaneous water heaters and heat pumps. This reduces costs, energy consumption and thus CO2, which damages the climate.