Low-backlash transmissions for intralogistics applications The interplay between ground gear parts and other precision transmission components ensures that transmissions in low-backlash, precision design meet the demand for high performance and high availability. This is a key factor for applications in industrial automation and intralogistics, which have tighter requirements for precision and stiffness. High transmission quality thanks to case-hardened gears PE-series transmissions use case-hardened, ground, and needle-bearing mounted ring, planetary, and sun gears. Thanks to their special surface treatment, they feature a long service life and therefore yield higher transmission quality. High-quality toothed flanks and an equally high-quality permanent grease lubrication enable the maintenance-free transmission to perform with high efficiency and impressively quiet operation. Low backlash and high torsional stiffness The robust transmission design and optimized gear geometry yield a transmission with low backlash and high torsional stiffness. Integrated axial length compensation in the motor tap shaft offsets thermal elongation. IP64 protection due to shaft seal The transmissions are suitable for all installation positions. They can be easily connected to the engine using an interchangeable flange. And a Viton shaft seal guarantees protection class IP64. The motors from ebm-papst in the ECI series are DC motors in electronically commutated design with nominal output powers of 50-750 W. The low-backlash transmissions for this series can be ordered in one-, two-, or three-stage designs from our online portal as of spring 2019: https://idt-config.ebmpapst.com.