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Climate comfort in commercial vehicles is much more than a mere matter of convenience. Cooling for motors and cargo and stress- and fatigue-free travel in buses and trucks place high demands on air conditioning systems and the fans used in them. Motor cooling The motor cooling fans that protect the motors in hybrid and electric buses against overheating are often directly exposed to road dirt. At IAA Commercial Vehicles, ebm-papst will be presenting an axial fan with a new fan housing that can be fastened in two ways. This enables the fan to be installed according to its designed airflow direction so as to exploit the maximum efficiency. Regardless of its orientation when installed, the fan housing has four attachment points with which the rugged fan can be screwed into place as usual. Once it has been approved, a fan can be used by the customer in either airflow direction. Cab air conditioning The size 250 axial fan, only 50 mm high, is suitable for use in condensers for cab air conditioners. It is the ideal response to market demands for minimal height and low weight. A guard grill can be clicked into place without increasing the fan’s height and without additional hardware. Refrigerated transport ebm-papst’s product range also includes 24 VDC backward-curved centrifugal fans for refrigerated transport applications. They deliver high performance in a compact package and are adjustable and extremely quiet. The fans can be controlled via PWM or linear voltage, or alternatively via LIN bus. No wear thanks to brushless DC motor ebm-papst fans for use in commercial vehicles are equipped with brushless DC motors for absolutely wear-free operation. They are both rugged and economical, with a service life exceeding 40,000 hours. In addition to low weight, their benefits include high efficiency, good electromagnetic compatibility and low noise emission.