rotary pumps

Rotary pumps

From the washing machine to the beer tap

Pumps come into contact with all sorts of media. So the requirements they have to fulfill vary greatly. Rotary pumps from ebm-papst are ideally suited to conveying low-viscosity media such as water, condensate or lyes. Agitator motors with a small impeller also ensure the coolant is continually circulated in beer tap units. They intake the fluid and direct it to the required location in accordance with the flow principle.

Rotary pumps are used in air conditioners, beer taps, washing machines, condenser dryers, and in industrial applications.

rotary pumps

The advantages of ebm-papst rotary pumps at a glance:

  • Rugged design
  • Maintenance-free
  • Durable
  • Large selection of pumps for specially defined areas of application


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A pump for the python

To ensure that the beer really comes fresh out of the tap, it is cooled on the way from the barrel to the bar. Pump systems from UK manufacturer Cornelius perform this task.