With the new RadiMix platform, an alternative concept is now available from the gas blower specialists at ebm-papst Landshut. The platform as a whole permits broad modulation ranges from 1:10 to 1:15 and so reduces the number of different types by a good 20%. Boiler manufacturers now require just three versions to cover output levels from 0.5 to 80 kW, and a fourth blower will be coming onto the market next year to fill the gap up to 150 kW. Together with the standardized motor design, this means fewer stocks and less qualification work for equipment manufacturers. Efficient and ecological The motor developed specially for the platform is particularly smooth-running and offers considerably enhanced efficiency as compared to its predecessor. Representative of the product range is the VG 100 (output range 3 to 50 kW), providing a whole 5% higher overall efficiency and around 3 dB(A) quieter operation than other blowers on the market. Lower operating noise Aerodynamic improvements to the blower impeller and fan scroll ensure a lower operating noise level throughout the entire modulation range. Thanks to extensive simulation and testing it also proved possible to restrict the majority of the resonance occurring to non-disturbing frequency ranges. Another step was to completely revise the commutation electronics. This makes it possible to incorporate the blowers into digital heating concepts via optional bus interfaces such as LIN or CAN. Easily integrated The compact blowers can easily be integrated into existing gas boiler concepts, not least on account of the great flexibility offered by 360° motor positioning. In future they will also be available as part of a complete system together with venturi and gas valve for optimum, low-pollution combustion and heat output.