iQ and iQ² motors
Energy-saving motors for like-for-like replacement.

from AC technology to GreenTech EC technology

There is plenty of potential for saving energy, particularly in applications where fans are operated for long periods, such as refrigerated display cases, bottle coolers and underfloor convectors. Using iQ motors from ebm-papst becomes particularly useful here: Thanks to GreenTech EC technology, they save up to 70% in energy compared to existing shaded-pole motors, while also boasting significantly better efficiency levels.

The advantages at a glance  

  • 70% energy savings with GreenTech EC technology
  • Improved efficiency of up to 65%
  • More economical and significant environmental benefits
  • Easy like-for-like replacement with existing shaded-pole motors thanks to identical installation dimensions

Intelligence to the second power: iQ² motors

The new iQ² motors can do everything the “normal” iQ motors can do – and more. This makes their application in refrigeration technology even more efficient, for example. The iQ² is also available as a plastic version with protection class II. Extra functions even enable different operating modes that can be adjusted individually.


The iQ² reverse on start automatically runs in reverse for a pre-programmed time each time it starts. An important function for refrigeration devices, blowing the accumulated dust out of the condenser’s heat exchanger to ensure constant high cooling capacity.


With the iQ² reverse on demand, it is possible to define the time and duration of the reverse operation as required. This means that the evaporator defrost cycle can be used to remove dust from the condenser’s heat exchanger, for example.


The special performance feature of the iQ² two speeds is that it is programmed with two speed levels ex factory. This makes it possible to run the application in different day and night modes for even greater energy savings.

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“A breath of fresh air for refrigerated display cases”

Leap from iQ to NiQ: The new generation of energy-saving motors from ebm-papst is more efficient and more economical than its predecessors, and is even suitable for use in the food sector.