VHD 146
A breath of fresh air in the kitchen

Clean air all round

The VHD 146 is the systematic further development of ebm-papst’s portfolio of extractor hood blowers. The centrifugal fan moves large amounts of air with medium to high pressure increase. The blower ensures completely clean air even with high levels of steam and vapors. Its new scroll housing has integrated contact protection with bayonet connectors. This makes it suitable for universal use. It also reduces installation time and simplifies conversion to recirculating mode. As a result of the EC technology, the fan has infinitely variable control and is pleasantly quiet.

All the advantages at a glance

  • Infinitely variable control
  • Pleasantly quiet
  • An absolute lightweight in its class
  • Integrated contact protection
  • Integrated bayonet connectors for fastening activated carbon filters
  • Comes with non-return valve as an option

The next step in the evolution

Applications for VHD 146

With its dual-inlet centrifugal fans with forward-curved fan impellers, the VHD 146 is above all suited for use in traditional canopy hoods or angled hoods. Integrated in a fan module, you can also use it in numerous other types of hood (e.g. ceiling-mounted hoods, island hoods, integrated hoods, etc.).


Read all the details

Brochure - VHD 146 - Centrifugal fan for range hoods - ebm-papst

Catalog with technical details about the product:

  • Characteristic curve map
  • Dimensions
  • Performance data 

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