Simply check off SCIP reporting requirement:
with ebm-papst SCIP-Express. 

The SCIP-Express offer is aimed exclusively at tradespersons and public bodies. All prices specified exclude statutory VAT. Please note this if you would like to order services from us.

SVHC transmission to the SCIP database:
Super-fast, secure, and cost-effective. 

Since January 5, 2021, it is mandatory to submit information on articles containing substances of very high concern (SVHC) to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The SCIP database is available for this purpose. All articles offered for sale in the EU that have a concentration of more than 0.1% by mass of one or more of these substances must be reported. This applies to almost all articles with a certain degree of complexity – and thus to most manufacturers, importers, retailers, and assembly companies in the EU, and to other actors in the supply chain bringing articles to the EU market.

We can help you and make SCIP reporting as simple and reliable as possible: with the inexpensive SCIP-Express from ebm-papst neo.

4 steps to the SCIP number

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Whenever we have been faced with challenges in our 60-year company history, we have taken them as an opportunity to find an effective practical solution and develop new technologies. That's exactly the case now.

As a world-leading designer and manufacturer of complex ventilation and drive technologies, we are also covered by the SCIP reporting requirement. To meet this requirement as efficiently as possible, we have developed the SCIP-Express platform together with our digitalization start-up ebm-papst neo. An innovation that we are happy to share with you at an affordable price.

Cost-effective SVHC transmission to the SCIP database 
with ebm-papst SCIP Express.

Your advantages with SCIP-Express

ebm-papst SCIP-Express is designed for automated information exchange with the SCIP database. You don’t need to install any software or perform any implementation steps such as data migration, training or similar, but can start immediately after ECHA registration.

ebm-papst is familiar with and connected to the ECHA IUCLID tool. As a result, your registration will be reliable and seamless – true to the motto "Click & SCIP". However, the authorities require up to 3 days for the subsequent processes.

We will provide you with an Excel template. This means that you don’t need to spend time familiarizing yourself with the system and you don't need additional software, a database or internal IT resources. 

SCIP-Express is fully designed for reporting in the ECHA cloud and generating the SCIP numbers. So you get exactly the service you need; there are no unnecessary costs. At the end you will receive a well-organized Excel file. 

In ebm-papst SCIP-Express, we are offering small and medium-sized companies in particular an attractive solution with full cost control. You pay only €980 per year for the use of ScipExpress and €0.89 for each uploaded dossier. 

Questions and answers on the SCIP reporting requirement


The SCIP database has three main objectives:

1. Reduce waste containing hazardous substances as per the Candidate List. The SCIP database therefore promotes the substitution of these substances in articles placed on the EU market with non-hazardous substances.
2. Provide information to improve waste management.
3. Facilitate monitoring of the use of substances of concern throughout the lifecycle of articles and initiate appropriate disposal measures. 



The SCIP reporting requirement applies to all articles, as defined under REACH, if they are placed on the EU market and contain substances of very high concern as per the Candidate List in a concentration greater than 0.1% by mass.

According to Article 3, paragraph 33 of the REACH Regulation, every supplier of an article of this type is affected - i.e. every producer or importer as well as every distributor or other actor in the supply chain who places an article of this type on the EU market. 


  • The designation of the article. 
  • The name of the Candidate List substance(s) present in that article, together with its/their concentration range and location. 
  • Other information enabling safe use of the article and ensuring that it is disposed of properly.


The SCIP database is part of the Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EG), which has been in force since July 4, 2018. As of January 5, 2021, it supplements the existing notification and reporting requirements under the REACH Regulation for substances on the Candidate List.


You would like to use SCIP-Express
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The SCIP-Express offer is aimed exclusively at tradespersons and public bodies. All prices specified exclude statutory VAT. Please note this if you would like to order services from us.

Service content and type of contract

  • Start of contract: With the first login on the web platform
  • Minimum contractual term: 12 months
  • Contractual term and termination: 12 months each, if not terminated (3 months before the end of the respective contractual term)
  • Invoicing:

                Independent of usage: Annually (minimum annual fee)

                Usage-dependent: monthly (depending on actual use)

  • Payment term: 30 days, calculated from invoice date

Price specification

  • Annual basic remuneration in EUR: € 980.00
  • Remuneration per dossier generated in EUR:  € 0.89
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