The capacity of modern high-performance electronics is constantly increasing in ever smaller installation spaces. The challenges for cooling are growing. Compact fans that take on this task must not only be powerful, but also efficient, reliable and optimized for noise. The AxiForce 40 combines these requirements in extremely compact dimensions.

Fan specialist ebm‑papst has now added a new fan to the lower end of its tried-and-tested AxiForce compact fan series. The AxiForce 40 is extremely compact and can therefore be integrated into a wide range of applications for high-performance electronics. It is used in particular in telecommunications technology, network technology, industrial control cabinets, servers and other state-of-the-art applications.

New motor technology for high-performance fans
Thanks to its new, powerful motor concept and maximum static pressure increase of 1400 Pa, the AxiForce 40 effortlessly overcomes challenges posed by cramped installation conditions such as high back pressures. The new compact fan, available with a nominal voltage of 12, 24 or 48 VDC, has a PWM control input for infinitely variable speed control in the range from 3,000 to 27,000 rpm. This enables it to be operated as required in terms of the necessary air performance. Its power consumption is 19 W, wide open, rising to 23 W at maximum air performance. The maximum air flow rate of the AxiForce 40 measuring 40 mm x 40 mm x 28 mm is 56 m3/h. Thanks to a newly developed aerodynamic design, the AxiForce 40 has also been acoustically optimized and is significantly quieter than comparable fans.

Compact fan defies wind and weather
Fans in electronics cooling often have long running times, with many in continuous operation. So in addition to efficiency and cooling capacity, reliability is also a must. After all, we’re not only talking about sensitive components, but also sensitive data. The AxiForce 40 offers maximum operational reliability in harsh environmental conditions thanks to comprehensive approvals. The optional full encapsulation provides additional protection against salt spray, ingress of water and foreign bodies in accordance with IP68 and ATEX EN 60079-7 (Group IIC, T3). The robust compact fan easily withstands continual temperature changes and other weather conditions.

The new AxiForce 40 compact fan from ebm-papst cools telecommunications and control cabinets.
The new AxiForce 40 compact fan from ebm-papst cools telecommunications and control cabinets.