Hemed water project
Image: Hemed Abdullah receiving donation from ebm-papst employees

Hemed Abdullah has been working for ebm‑papst UK for more than 5 years. He originates from a village in Pemba Island, Tanzania and has family members in the village. The island is not wealthy and has very little facilities for the 3,800 population.

In recent months, like many places, the people in the village have experienced major issues with the supply of fresh water. They have had to manually excavate wells and use the traditional bucket on a rope method to extract the water. They are in the process of excavating more wells to keep the people in good health.

They are a resilient group of people but Hemed wanted to make their lives easier. Hemed returned to Pemba Island recently for a long awaited vacaction. He wanted to raise money before his visit to the village in order to help improve the peoples methods of extracting water. To do this, he aimed to raise enough money to fund the purchase of a submersible pump.

In total, employees of ebm‑papst UK raised £258 towards Hemed's water aid project and on top of that, the company matched everyone's donations taking the total up to £516.

The £516 will contribute towards a newly built well structure and an electric pump bearing new water from the ground. This will significantly improve the process of how the people in the village extract water going forward.

Everyone at ebm‑papst UK would like to say a massive well done to Hemed for supporting the village he originates from with this amazing project. 

Hemed water project2