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electronica, the world's leading electronics trade show, will take place exclusively online from November 9-12, 2020. At electronica virtual, ebm-papst will be showcasing the new DiaForce diagonal compact fan and the AxiForce compact fan, both of which can be used to cool high-performance electronics in telecommunications or automation.

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The AxiForce compact fans from ebm-papst cool compact power electronics, among other things; here in the 172x150x51 mm version.
The AxiForce compact fans from ebm-papst cool compact power electronics, among other things; here in the 172x150x51 mm version.

Electronics cooling is becoming a challenge due to constantly increasing density and performance requirements. In keeping with these challenges, ebm-papst has developed two different fans: The AxiForce axial compact fan and the new DiaForce diagonal compact fan.

Diagonal instead of axial

As with an axial compact fan, the new diagonal compact fan from ebm-papst also takes air in and blows it out axially. Compared to a centrifugal fan, this design is advantageous when integrating it into the application. But the DiaForce's secret lies in the unique geometry of its impeller and housing. This minimizes turbulence and increases the pressure increase at the same time. This aerodynamic optimization significantly reduces noise by 6 dB(A) and provides up to 50% higher air performance. This is especially important for cooling electronics with high availability requirements, e.g. in data centers or base stations for mobile communications. The first samples of the DiaForce are already available, series production will start in spring 2021.

High pressure, small space

The AxiForce fans were developed for applications with high back pressure, such as those found in variable frequency drives, robot controllers and LED displays. The fans feature aerodynamically optimized impellers and fan housings - the AxiForce 80 achieves up to a 42% increase in efficiency and reduces noise emissions by 7 dB (A). The AxiForce is also available with fully encapsulated electronics that are dust-proof and protected against strong water jets, i.e. conforming to IP68. A version for higher EMC requirements according to DIN EN 55032 class B is also available as an option. The AxiForce series is available in sizes 80x80x38, 120x120x38 and 172x150x51 mm.

electronica virtual is open around the clock from November 9-12, 2020 and there is no charge to visit the virtual product presentations. For more information and registration, visit electronica virtual