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New AxiEco Perform axial fans

Plug & play axial fans for applications with high back pressure

New AxiEco Perform EC axial fan in application example of air-water heat pump.
New AxiEco Perform EC axial fan in application example of air-water heat pump.

Axial fans are normally used for situations when strong air flow with relatively low back pressure is required. New axial fans from ebm-papst are now also suitable for high back pressure, so that ventilation and air conditioning devices can benefit from higher air flow rates.

ebm-papst presented the pressure-resistant AxiEco Protect axial fans with guard grill at the beginning of 2020. The existing product range is now being expanded to include AxiEco Perform axial fans with a housing made of composite material. 

Aerodynamic design increases efficiency and air throw

In the new AxiEco Perform fans, the impeller, integrated diffusor ring and hub form one compact unit. The blade tips pass directly into the integrated diffusor ring, so there is no tip gap between the nozzle and the impeller, which increases efficiency and reduces noise. In the aerodynamically optimized housing with integrated guard grill, the guide blades ensure that the dynamic losses are reduced to a minimum. In addition, the air throw increases so that even distribution of cold air is achieved in large cold stores, for example.

Variable installation options 

The sophistication of the housing design makes the fan easier to install and enables a number of potential installation methods. For example, for intake operation, the fans can be installed “on top”, i.e. on top of the customer’s device, or "semi-top" (recessed into the device). For exhaust operation, the entire fan unit is installed in the customer's device the other way around using the central flange and fitted with the intake-side guard grill. 

Plug & play solution in accordance with the ErP Directive

Thanks to the addition of the new fans, the AxiEco series now covers a very broad range of applications. The AxiEco Protect fan with guard grill is particularly well-suited to noise-sensitive applications, as its noise emissions are very low. By contrast, the AxiEco Perform fan with housing is recommended in situations that require a ready-to-install fan. With air flows of up to 12,000 m³/h and pressures of up to nearly 500 Pa, their applications range from heat pumps and evaporators to industrial applications. The new AxiEco Perform fans in sizes 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 in EC and AC design meet the requirements of the future ErP Directive. As a compact plug & play solution with CE marking, the fans are easy to integrate into applications. Users won’t have to worry about nozzles or distance to the impeller, nor concern themselves with conducting their own ErP assessment.

AxiEco Protect (left) and AxiEco Perform (right) axial fans with EC technology.
AxiEco Protect (left) and AxiEco Perform (right) axial fans with EC technology.



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