Centrifugal fan for alternating pressure mattresses
From the ventilation technology field, ebm-papst will show innovative solutions such as the RV45 DC centrifugal fan. It comes with or without integrated electronics – depending on which design is most suitable for the application. The fan is used for applications in which dynamic air transport with high static pressure increase is required. Respirators, breathing masks, and anti-pressure ulcer systems are all examples. Alternating pressure mattresses are prophylactic measures that reduce the pressure on specific areas of skin when people are confined to their beds. The centrifugal fan pumps the air-filled chambers in a mattress, changing the patient’s position and thus preventing bedsores. Low noise generation is important here to avoid disturbing the patients’ sleep.

Drives for medical applications
In medical technology, complex requirements for standards and documentation go hand in hand with complex requirements for the technology used. They focus on reliability, precision, extremely smooth operation, and low heat generation. The technology’s drive power, transmission variants, reduction stages, closed-loop control systems or connection technology must be perfectly matched to the relevant application. The individually configurable external and internal rotor drive systems from ebm-papst are based on electronically commutated motors and are ideal for such applications. The modular system for drives enables users to create customized variants by combining a variety of interfaces, transmission types, brakes, encoders, and more.

The compact, efficient, and intelligent drive systems are used in a range of medical systems such as dentists’ chairs and x-ray, diagnostics, and treatment devices. When it comes to surgery, these drives ensure that lighting systems are optimally aligned, or operating tables are precisely positioned. ECI-42 drives feature a compact installation space, making them ideal for use in stairlifts that require leveling, for example.