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Configurable drives Drive specialist ebm-papst St. Georgen has completely redesigned its ECI-42 modular system. Now the configurable drives with a diameter of 42 mm and IP54 degree of protection will also be available with magnetic incremental encoders (12 bit resolution) and industrial-grade plugs for easy electrical hookup. The radial angled plug with bayonet connector can be turned and engages automatically. For space-critical applications, an axial plug module is provided — even a prepared cable connection is available. 42 mm drive at the heart of the modular system At the heart of all the configurations is a brushless, electronically commutated internal rotor motor with a diameter of 42 mm and stator lengths of 20 or 40 mm. It achieves output levels of around 45 or 90 watts at a nominal torque of 110 or 220 mNm and a nominal speed of 4,000 rpm. The efficiency rating is over 75%. The motors come in industry-standard designs of 24 and 48 VDC. Hall sensors are currently integrated for rotor position detection and the motor is actuated by an external controller. Further smart integrated electronic modules will follow, such as speed and position controllers with the option of a bus interface. Selection of motors, transmission modules and brakes In order to bring the high speeds of the internal rotor drive to an appropriate level for the application and to increase the output torque, transmission modules are available, for example planetary gearheads and crown gearheads with innovative crown technology. If the application demands holding or safety brakes, modules with spring pressure or permanent magnet brakes can supplement the drive unit. Versatile range of application The industrial-grade drives are ideal for practically all applications that require energy-efficient small drives, from automation and packaging systems to laboratory and medical equipment. Thanks to defined preferred types, selected drive configurations will be ready to ship within 48 hours (from spring 2019), which means that sampling, for example, can be realized in a short period of time. The drives can be configured and ordered via the online portal