RadiMix: Gas blower platform for the heating market With the VG 100 gas condensing blower, ebm-papst introduced the first model in its new RadiMix series in 2017. The fan specialist has expanded its platform with the VG 71 and VG 108 blowers, which it will present at its stand in Hall 7. The platform now includes four products that cover the entire heat output range from 0.5 to 150 kW. Like the VG 100, the VG 71 and VG 108 gas blowers deliver a convincing combination of compactness, efficiency and low noise emission. With its new products, ebm-papst is above all addressing the trend toward more and more compact and flexible, low-output gas condensing heating systems for private households and small commercial applications. Each of the RadiMix models is based on the same motor platform and thus the same technology. This standardization lowers the effort involved in qualification for the manufacturers of boilers and hot water heaters. Thanks to their high modulation level of up to 1:10, the gas blowers in the RadiMix series also minimize losses while heating up and cooling down and reduce the carbon footprint for a building’s heating system – very much in keeping with ebm-papst’s GreenTech philosophy. EC centrifugal fans with motor enclosures Cooking results in air that is heavily contaminated by substances such as grease vapors combustion gases, and it also generates a lot of heat and moisture. AHUs ensure that the air quality in kitchens, serving areas and throughout dining areas remains hygienically unobjectionable – while also preventing annoying odors. ebm-papst has modified the proven EC centrifugal fans from the RadiPac series especially for this application and will be presenting them at its stand in Hall 24. In accordance with the guidelines, the motor and the control electronics were removed from the air flow.