The iQ-one
Universally applicable, efficient and durable

Everything that refrigeration technology requires

Whether in the beer cooler, the vegetable display or the undercounter refrigerator: A motor that runs almost constantly must be extremely economical and efficient - while still being quiet and durable. The iQ-one EC motor combines all of these characteristics. Combined with an aerodynamically optimised fan impeller, it is the answer to these refrigeration technology requirements.

All the advantages at a glance

  • Approved for use with flammable refrigerants
  • Can be used worldwide thanks to a variety of certifications and for all typical power supplies: automatic speed selection according to line frequency (50Hz è 1,300 rpm / 60Hz è 1,500 rpm)
  • Wide range of options installation thanks to intelligent design and therefore ideal replacement for all Q motors and shaded-pole motors

  • Especially efficient thanks to EC technology: 10 to 50% increase in motor efficiency level as compared to Q motors
  • Low noise emissions even at full power
  • Extremely durable and reliable

Energy-efficient fans for refrigerated cabinets in supermarkets

Eco-refrigerant for use in supermarket refrigerated cabinets can become highly flammable during malfunctions. EC fans have set new standards in the fields of safety and efficiency.