Intelligent connections for a better life.

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Air loves Data. Measurable added value thanks to real data.

These three success stories with digital added value await you at the Hannover Messe!

Digital retrofit for more intelligence

Digital retrofit for more intelligence

More energy savings through more data: A retrofit from the fan to the gateway

- Energy savings

- Filter Clogging Detection

- Condition Monitoring

Digital twin at Kappler CNC

Digital twin at Kappler CNC

Next level efficiency and reliability thanks to AI: with Cabero, Heidinger and ebm‑papst neo

- Proactive system maintenance

- Optimized energy consumption

- Holistic system view and analysis

Efficient ventilation thanks to cloud

Efficient ventilation thanks to cloud

Stockholm Exergi focuses on data-based residential buildings with smart control and the cloud

- Optimization of ventilation and heating energy

- Proactive system maintenance

- Ensure healthy indoor air (IAQ)

Made for high speeds:
High-speed turbo compressors


We are delighted to present the HighSpeed turbo compressors with high-speed drives and a modular design. Lightweight and compact, maximum adaptability, particularly high-speed and low vibration, they are perfect for oil-free refrigerant compressors, air and gas mixture compressors and the anode and cathode supply of fuel. And they are guaranteed to solve many of your challenges.

Engineering a better life


We make sustainable and intelligent solutions for a better climate. With a focus on people, their applications and our environment. This is how our efficient solutions reduce current consumption. Durable products save resources. Digital added value increases efficiency and quality of life and exploits additional potential energy savings. It is best to discuss what this means in detail and for your individual requirements in person – at the Hannover Messe.