Server cooling

Efficient, modern cooling for servers

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Trends such as mobile internet, cloud computing and internet TV require ever more capacity to deal with an increasing volume of data. As a result, data centers have become major energy consumers. In the light of the ongoing demand for yet more computational capacity, it is well worth switching to energy-efficient fans. This is where modern EC technology really does its bit: for instance, by protecting the environment and keeping running costs under control.

Server cooling

The advantages of fans from ebm-papst for server cooling:

  • High efficiency thanks to enhanced ventilation technology and new EC motors
  • High power density
  • Unrivaled compactness
  • Perfectly coordinated components
  • Extremely quiet operation thanks to optimized flow through the impeller
  • EC fans with two speed levels or infinitely variable control
  • Compliance with ErP specifications


The latest generation of RadiCal EC centrifugal fans is more efficient, more powerful, and quieter than ever before – with the same compact installation dimensions.

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Produktbild RadiCal

RadiCal DC

The SMARTe solution – efficient and robust

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Centrifugal blowers

Energy savings, convenient control and minimal noise generation – centrifugal fans with forward-curved blades and GreenTech EC technology.

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EC Trommellaeufer

EC centrifugal blower

The EC centrifugal blower from ebm-papst has modular expansion options. Even connecting fans in parallel is no longer a problem thanks to the active PFC.

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Smart electronics cooling for industrial applications

In control cabinets, hot spots with a range of over 90°C are created, which, in the worst-case scenario, could destroy the electronics. Filter fans – units that combine fans and dust filters – can help. They dissipate the thermal loads and prevent dirt particles from getting inside.