AHUs in data centers

AHUs cool data centers without a mechanical cooling system.

This is how servers like to work

Use is made of AHUs or computer room air handlers (CRAH) in data centers to reduce the amount of waste heat. This requires efficient, individually controllable devices that can adapt to the actual thermal load in the data center.

Air handling

The advantages of fans from ebm-papst in AHUs:

  • High power density
  • Unrivaled compactness
  • Perfectly coordinated components
  • High efficiency thanks to enhanced ventilation technology and new EC motors
  • Extremely quiet operation thanks to optimized flow through the impeller
  • EC fans with two speed levels or infinitely variable control
  • Compliance with ErP specifications

The best products for AHUs



The latest generation of RadiCal EC centrifugal fans is more efficient, more powerful, and quieter than ever before − with the same compact installation dimensions.

RadiPac3 composite


RadiPac EC centrifugal fans offer a whole range of outstanding features, from high efficiency levels to simple handling and compact dimensions.

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Smart electronics cooling for industrial applications

In control cabinets, hot spots with a range of over 90°C are created, which, in the worst-case scenario, could destroy the electronics. Filter fans – units that combine fans and dust filters – can help. They dissipate the thermal loads and prevent dirt particles from getting inside.