LS Control

LS Control has registered the EC Control® trademark. All products bearing the EC Control® mark have been specially developed for EC motors. Our multi-controllers bear the EC Control® mark, and have been specially developed for demand-controlled ventilation of individual rooms. The multi-controller is a versatile, programmable and user-friendly device.

LS Control is a reliable technology company from Denmark that has been in existence for many years. We offer energy-efficient and future-proof solutions for the ventilation industry. With our products and solutions, we aim to always keep one step ahead of the competition, and help you comply with the new ecodesign standards and continually changing laws.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of standard products as well as a number of flexible solutions for heat pump manufacturers. We also design, develop and manufacture custom products for our OEM customers.

One of our most important product groups is our range of solutions for controlling ebm-papst GreenTech EC motors.

Approved Controller

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