Saia-Burgess: Web, IT and all established market standards

The Saia® PCD devices incorporate all established communication standards, as well as extensive open and globally accepted Web+IT functionality. Modbus communication makes it easy to integrate ebm-papst GreenTech EC fans.

Infrastructure automation - our core competence

This incorporates the automation of commercially used facilities including all necessary technical equipment, as well as assuring the well-being of people and the smooth functioning of installed plant and machinery.

Saia® PCD products currently range from building, transport, energy and water engineering to data management and logistics systems. To implement such extensive automation tasks, Saia-Burgess Controls works with more than 500 selected system partners throughout Europe. Saia® system partners are solution providers to end-customers, integrating the right system solutions, and handling the maintenance and servicing of the system where required.

The Saia® PCD product range is characterized by the values, features and standards of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). However, the products’ visual design, openness and scope of functionality extend far beyond that of the traditional PLC for machine controls. This means that our PLC-based Saia® PCD products are also attractive in market segments and applications that have not previously been using PLC technology.

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