Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions: E2

The E2 controller is a microprocessor-based control system that provides full control of compressor assemblies, condensers, cooling units and other components in refrigeration and building control. The E2 is the control component for a configuration with two networks comprising input and output communication boards, MODBUS software for remote maintenance, and a wide variety of sensors, probes and converters.

Approved Controller

The new E2 features 128 MB of RAM and a 500 MHz processor, providing retailers with faster access and the facility to store more data. A wider screen incorporates a status bar showing a convenient overview for system warnings, network status and system configuration.

The E2 additionally offers the customer the following features:

  • Support for local languages
  • Integration of physical connectivity and communication protocols
  • Support for demanding control tasks and predictive software algorithms
  • Integration of a data server for corporate control functions

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