Dry laundry faster with modern technology

Laundry washed and dried pronto

Two in one: Washer-dryers save a lot of space by combining washing and drying functions in a single machine, and nowadays they can do that at the same capacity as conventional washers and dryers. First they wash the laundry with state-of-the-art technology, then they dry it quickly and efficiently.

ebm-papst supplies the right blower, whether the unit uses a conventional drying concept with electric heaters and or the latest heat pump technology. This is where EC fans from ebm-papst show their strengths, combining top air performance and a minimal footprint.

And because nobody wants to hear much from a washer-dryer, efficient aerodynamics and state-of-the-art EC technology ensure that its fan delivers optimum operating performance.


The advantages of ebm-papst blowers in washer-dryers:

  • Compact
  • Economical
  • High air performance in a very small space
DC compact axial fan 2200 FTD product image

Compact fans

Small but powerful.

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process air blowers

Process air blowers

Dependable dish dryers.

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AC motors

They just keep on running…

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EC motors

Supreme driving force.

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Say goodbye to liquid.

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Condensate pumps

Dry washing, dry air.

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Triad for Miele

Triad for Miele

Concentrated know-how for an especially efficient heat pump drier.

Bone dry

Bone dry

The new heat pump dryers from Primus save over 60 percent of the primary energy compared to their predecessors. A RadiPac from ebm-papst does its bit here to ensure energy efficiency.