Less noise, better quality of life. Effective sound insulation thanks to FlowGrid. 

Heat pumps, condensers, and ventilation units – FlowGrid works efficiently everywhere.

The FlowGrid air inlet grille is your effective sound insulation for advanced refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning.

Mounted on the intake side of axial or centrifugal fans, it drastically reduces noise emissions and minimizes low-frequency sounds without sacrificing efficiency. Whatever the application – heat pumps, condensers or ventilation units

that's something worth making a noise about! 

Results to make your ears prick up. 

Air conditioners

Air conditioners

Whether you have low-profile or central air conditioners – with FlowGrid on the centrifugal fans, blade passing noise can be reduced by 9 dB. This reduces the amount of insulation required. Depending on the unit design, the noise level can be reduced by up to 3.3 dB(A). 

Air purifiers

Air purifiers

Mostly active in living and recreation rooms, air purifiers should be as quiet as possible. Measurements show that the combination of RadiCal and FlowGrid reduces noise levels by 2.8 dB(A) and blade passing noise by 10 dB.

Air/water heat pumps

Air/water heat pumps

FlowGrid makes it possible to meet the strictest noise regulations for residential areas, even if the evaporator is located close to the fan. Together with HyBlade axial fans, there is also a 12 dB reduction in blade passing noise. For centrifugal fans, the reduction is lower.



If fans are placed close to the heat exchanger, the disturbed inflow generates more noise. With FlowGrid, not only can the noise level be significantly lowered, but blade passing noise in particular can be reduced. Tests showed a drop of up to 16 dB.

Benefits that set the tone.

  • Low noise levels
  • Dramatically attenuated blade passing noise

  • Unmodified air performance and low power consumption

  • Less insulation required
  • Made of resistant composite material
  • Available up to flame resistance standard UL94-5VA

  • Thanks to through-holes
  • Individual attachments on request

Get to know FlowGrid in detail.

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  • FlowGrid dimensions
  • Precise measured values for noise reduction in various applications
  • Overview of the possible combinations of FlowGrid with suitable fan solutions
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