We stand for:
Efficiency. Enthusiasm.

We are ebm‑papst.
Your partner for sustainable, intelligent and innovative air and heating technology.

Air is our element

We know how to use air efficiently and intelligently. And we make sure you feel good about it!

Whether it's air conditioning, data centers, clean rooms, refrigeration, industrial cooling, transport, renewable energy or residential ventilation – you come into contact with our solutions and products every day, at work or at home. If you don't notice, we've done our job well.


Our vision: leading air technology into a new era

That is why our solutions combine customer value, intelligence and efficiency in new ways – and in the most resource-efficient way possible.


Our values are at the heart of all of this 

They make us unique. Efficiency is evident in our solutions, our communication, agile processes and goal-oriented actions. Enthusiasm and passion unite the ebm‑papst family across all regions and generations. 

We inspire each other and enjoy working together. This is characterised by empathy, integrity, reliability and respectful interaction. Diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of our colourful culture. For us, this is summed up by the value of humanity.

This triad has made us successful and is the foundation for the future.


Engineering a better life
A promise we stand by.


We drive innovation: Our sustainable and digital solutions help customers reduce emissions. We also focus on resource-efficient manufacturing of our products. The solutions themselves help reduce the carbon footprint of our customers' applications  day after day. In this way, our sustainable and intelligent solutions ensure a better climate  for people, their applications and our environment. It's how we work towards a better future. 

In all that we do, we strive to live up to this claim.

sustainability icon green


By 2025, we aim to be carbon neutral globally in terms of our direct and indirect emissions within our own business. 

We have been thinking sustainably since the company was founded: This means that every product we make has to outperform the one before, both economically and ecologically. And that also makes our customers' applications more sustainable, too.


digitization icon


From the first integrated electronics before the turn of the millennium to today's networked solutions: We bring digital added value to your applications. 

From demand-driven operations to remote monitoring and predictive maintenance to data-driven buildings with AI – together we will find the solution that lowers costs, saves energy and reduces emissions.


innovation icon


We founded the company with a belief in an engine that was ahead of its time. Later, the development of EC technology was equally groundbreaking. 

Innovation has always been the driving force behind our success. This is underpined by consistently high levels of investment in Research & Development – and that worldwide. This technological progress helps our customers to make their applications better and better. This is how we live technology leadership.


ebm-papst A&NZ

The ebm-papst A&NZ head office is located in Melbourne. Additional offices in Sydney and Auckland, New Zealand,  allow us to easily serve our customers through the Australia and New Zealand region. Melbourne is also home to the A&NZ Centre of Excellence. Simon Bradwell is the managing director for ebm-papst A&NZ region. 


Dr. Simon Bradwell

Managing Director Australia & New Zealand

The ebm‑papst
Executive Management Board

The Executive Management Board of the ebm‑papst Group consists of the Group Managing Directors as well as the Chief Executive Officers of the worldwide ebm‑papst regions and divisions and the Executive Vice Presidents.

Dr. Klaus Geissdoerfer

Dr. Klaus Geißdörfer

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ebm‑papst Group

Raymond Engelbrecht

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Air Technology Europe & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Divisions IDT & AUT 

Raymond Engelbrecht

Dr. Sonja Fleischer

Dr. Sonja Fleischer

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) ebm‑papst Group

Hans Peter Fuchs

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ebm‑papst Group

Hans Peter Fuchs

Frank Mayer

Frank Mayer

Chief Operations Officer (COO) ebm‑papst Group

Thomas Nürnberger

Chief Sales Officer (CSO) ebm‑papst Group & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Air Technology APAC

Thomas Nuernberger

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tomas Smetana

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tomas Smetana

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) ebm‑papst Group

Dr. Hannes Säubert

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Heating Technology

Dr. Hannes Säubert

Mark Shiring

Mark Shiring

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Air Technology Americas

Jochen Frieß

Executive Vice President Global Product Management

Jochen Frieß

Dr. Daniel Boese

Dr. Daniel Boese

Executive Vice President Global Transition

For our customers 
we grow beyond ourselves

ebm‑papst Group
2,540 Mio. € 14,940
ebm‑papst USA
344 Mio. € 495
ebm‑papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
1,368 Mio. € 3,957
ebm‑papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
541 Mio. € 1,476
ebm‑papst Landshut GmbH, Germany
407 Mio. € 1,031
ebm‑papst China
379 Mio € 1,909
* latest figures (fiscal year 2022/2023)

We speak the language of our customers: 
our locations worldwide

We understand the needs of regional markets around the world. That's why we make our customer's homes our own. As a result, our customers find a strong partner right on their doorstep who is perfectly attuned to their needs. Each of our locations is set up on a 'local for local' basis. The core regions Europe, Americas and APAC cover consistent processes from enquiry to installation of a solution. Each has local customer relationship, supply chain and product lifecycle management units. In the regions, we also develop for the local market. This gives our customers greater speed and flexibility.

With an international share of over 75 % and a presence in almost 50 countries, we are represented worldwide. In addition to a global sales network, we operate 27 of our own production sites in the core regions of Europe, Americas and APAC.