ebm-papst connECtor range

Intelligent electronics

EC technology from ebm-papst offers all-inclusive air movement from one supplier. Our EC products come with everything you may need: PID control amplifier, interference suppression filter, power filter, motor protection and even a power supply for external sensors. That's how easy it is with "Plug & Play".

Controllers by ebm-papst

The connECtor range makes the best possible use of already existing features of our EC products and is the perfect match for use in a wide range of industries like refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning, information technology, data centres and agriculture. The connECtor range helps monitor, control and measure your fan system. 

The MODBUS display allows for easy visual inspection and maintenance of your fan. It is mounted on the outside of your ventilation system and enables you to check the EC fan's status and duty at a glance. 

Reads and displays motor parameters and alarms for ebm-papst EC fans via RS485/MODBUS RTU including: 

  • State
  • Error
  • Set percentage
  • Fan speed
  • Input power

Gateway controller by ebm-papst

EC-Fan Gateway Controller

EC fan status display and BACnet Gateway

The ebm-papst EC-Fan Gateway is a communications gateway for MODBUS-protocolled ebm-papst EC Fans. It can connect up to 18 ebm-papst EC Fans via MODBUS and display run status. 

The EC-Fan Gateway enables connection of EC Fans to BACnet, the most commonly used protocol in building management systems. 


  • Allows communication of ebm-papst fans with MODBUS interface to be connected to Building Management System (BMS) with BACnet protocol
  • Up to 18 fans can be connected via one gateway
  • Easy integration into existing BMS
  • Robust design
  • Compact size
  • Able to be configured by user

Analog controllers by ebm-papst are easy to connect solution to speed control EC fans based on temperature, volume and pressure. 

Our always expanding connECtor range currently includes the following products:

  • EC Fan Display for easy monitoring
  • EC Fan Gateway for monitoring and incorporation in BACnet Building Management System (BMS)
  • Data Center Fan Controller Kit for complete pressure control
  • Differential pressure controller for pressure measurement or closed loop pressure control
  • Temperature Sensor for easy temperature control
  • Head Pressure Controller for refrigeration systems
  • Potentiometer for easy manual speed control of EC fans

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