Efficient components and systems
for household appliances

ebm-papst in household appliances

Many of the “kitchen aids” available nowadays have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. The same can be said of ebm-papst's innovations, which can be found in almost every household appliance. The powerful motors, fans and pumps not only excel in terms of efficiency and sustainability in private households, they are also ideally equipped for delivering top performance in commercial kitchen technology and professional laundry care. And all that with low energy consumption.

Modern Kitchen with Teal Base Cabinets

Motors, fans and pumps in household appliances
for private homes

Household appliance manufacturers not only appreciate our technology, but also our development expertise. Together with our customers, we can achieve innovative solutions: from drip-free dishwasher drying and stove jacket cooling to protecting surrounding kitchen furniture and creating immersion pumps for draining condensate in dryers.


Flexible blowers for dishwashers for active drying:

Active drying with blowers from ebm‑papst

Professional kitchen facade. View surface in stainless steel.

Motors, fans and pumps in household appliances
for food service

Being able to prepare a variety of dishes quickly is crucial in large-scale gastronomy and catering. It is essential that meals can be served at a consistent quality without customers having to wait. Solutions from ebm-papst have been a standard part of this demanding sector for many years. Our fans and drives are extremely robust and reliable and can handle extreme temperatures or even rapid temperature changes.


Motor and fan solutions for commercial dishwashers:

A perfect shine when things need to keep moving


EC fans as circulation blowers for convection ovens:

As fresh as can be – even during busy periods

Motors, fans and pumps in household appliances
for food processing

Hygiene and quality are top priorities when preparing food – so are efficiency and sustainability. Reliable blowers from ebm-papst enjoy a long service life even when they are used continuously. They use stainless steel fan impellers, which is one thing that makes them ideally suited for use in the food sector.

Tunnel ovens, baking lines and more...

Blowers in different power classes for tunnel ovens:

Freshly baked goods non-stop


Motors, fans and pumps in household appliances
for the professional laundry sector

Nowadays, high expectations are placed on modern laundry services when they are washing, drying or finishing the product. It is essential that the laundry care is efficient, reliable and gentle. Durable pumps and blowers from ebm-papst require low energy consumption and are quiet, functional and compact.

Commercial dryers

Pumps and fans for commercial dryers:

The right solution for clean and dry laundry


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