Shed ventilation systems
for farming and agriculture applications

ebm-papst in agriculture technology

With local support at all stages from start to finish, AgriCool by ebm-papst provides layers and growers with peace of mind and reduced operating costs.

Simple, easy to install and use, the AgriCool shed ventilation system is the ultimate in system redundancy and safety for your operations, providing optimal ventilation environment for optimal bird comfort.

The AgriCool shed ventilation product range combines the technical knowledge, expertise and German industrial design of ebm-papst fans and motors with the local Australian poultry farmer knowledge and experience to create the AgriCool shed ventilation system.

Developed with Australian poultry farmers, ​for the Australian poultry market

Easily retrofitted to existing poultry sheds, AgriCool provides increased airflow, complete speed control, and peace of mind to the grower.

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