NRV systems
Perfect coordination 
of the individual components.

Optimum mixing
from a single source

An optimum gas-air mixing ratio is crucial during combustion to achieve a high energy yield. The mixing ratio needs to be set to the precise combustion of the gases that are used (e.g. natural gas, LPG, or biogas). Thanks to decades of experience, we offer complete heating systems – including gas blowers, venturi and gas valves – that ensure optimum coordination of the mixing ratio of gas and air.

By working closely with our customers on condensing technology, we ensure that our components are a perfect match for their final products and enable maximum energy yield. In doing so, we also pay particular attention to the specific space and power density requirements.

All the advantages at a glance  

  • Optimum coordination of the gas-air mixture
  • Gas blowers, venturis and gas valves from a single source
  • High modulation range
  • Flexible integration that saves space

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“The heating Dutchman”

When Ton van Maaren started working at Remeha almost 33 years ago, condensing units were still in their infancy. Now they’ll soon be able to call a service technician themselves via the Internet when they need help. The new Quinta ACE condensing boiler is prepared to do that.