Powerful, compact, quiet
The RVE45 DC centrifugal fan. Now also for the high
demands of industry

Developed for medicine
Perfected for industry

The RV45 was developed for the special demands of medical ventilation equipment. The compact DC centrifugal fan proved itself best in the health sector. Now it has been further developed for use in industrial applications and is re-entering the market as RVE45. It proves what it can do anywhere that demands dynamic air delivery with a high static pressure increase.

Due to its special features, the extremely compact blower can be implemented in very diverse industrial applications. Regardless of whether it is used for a fuel cell, smoke detection system or packaging machine: The RVE45 satisfies all requirements with flying colors. Its extremely dynamic EC internal rotor motor facilitates adaptation to dynamic pressure changes and switches both quickly and reliably between a high and considerably reduced pressure.

You will find all the important details about the product in our information package.

All the advantages at a glance

  • Highly dynamic and top performance of up to 40 rev/ms with a static pressure increase of over 5,000 Pa
  • 12 and 24 V versions available
  • Air flow rate of up to 500l/min possible
  • Optimally designed for dynamic air delivery with high static pressure increase

  • Equipped with high-performance and highly efficient EC internal rotor motor
  • Rapid adaptation to changes in pressure
  • Possible to switch reliably between high and significantly reduced pressure

  • The high speed of up to 50,000 rpm produces exactly the power required, assisted by the low moment of inertia of the rotor. Vibration-absorbing materials and ideal aerodynamics ensure that it operates particularly quietly – over a period of many years thanks to maintenance-free ball bearings.

One power pack –
for the high demands of industry

Read all the details

Two brochures entitled “Maximize performance even with sizes 630 and 710? Yes! AxiBlade – your ebm-papst solution”

The info pack contains:

Brochure with technical details on the product:

  • Characteristic curve map
  • Dimensions
  • Performance data 

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