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You can look forward to perfect ventilation for every space

What makes engineers in ventilation system development happy? Their devices working reliably, saving costs, and catering for demands. GreenIntelligence can supply them with efficient fan solutions which not only feature smart networking capabilities with extensive analysis and control functions, but also offer digital services for simple, error-free planning.

Take your applications to a new level with GreenIntelligence, and make yourself and your customers happy!


Your needs – our solution

There are wide-ranging requirements in residential ventilation:

  • Fast installation and simple commissioning of fans
  • Demand-oriented, efficient operation, low noise levels
  • High system reliability, short maintenance times
  • Fast, user-friendly data availability
  • Support available from the application planning stage to system optimization


Luckily, GreenIntelligence has an answer for everything:

  • Plug & play: simple connection via standard protocols such as MODBUS-RTU linked to cloud and data analysis
  • GreenTech EC technology plus smart control and monitoring functions: Captures environmental influences such as CO2 and humidity, automatically identifies and avoids critical speed ranges, air flow/PWM control
  • Predictive maintenance: needs-based service work because the status of the fan and surroundings is being monitored
  • Acquires data via sensors, transfers via standard protocols such as MODBUS-RTU
  • Configurable FanScout with customer-specific preselection (“collections”), digital data sheet

Our residential ventilation highlights

Intelligent automation – with smart RadiCal centrifugal fans
  • Monitors humidity, motor temperature and ambient temperature
  • Precisely sets air flow and operating points
  • Constant air performance, even as filters become clogged
  • Prompt warnings when a filter is changed or there are malfunctions
  • Connection to smart home

Intelligent planning – with energy-efficient RadiFit EC fans
  • High energy savings by switching from AC to EC
  • Planning service assignments based on need
  • Connection to the building management system
  • Automatic condition monitoring
  • The fan as a sensor

Optimize intelligently – with automatic resonance detection
  • Increased functionality for fault analysis and rectification
  • Simple condition monitoring with intuitive operation
  • Full control over all settings and activities
  • Determines improved resonant range, therefore allowing a longer fan service life and lower maintenance costs
  • All required hardware and software components from a single supplier

ebm‑papst CEO Stefan Brandl on GreenIntelligence

"Digital products solve problems
that analog products can’t"

With its GreenIntelligence label, ebm-papst is setting an example in digitalization. Thomas Sauer, Group Director for Digitalization and Electronics, explains the idea behind it and what customers can expect.

We’ll be glad to make you happy too!

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