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compact cooling solutions
Making Engineers Happy

You can look forward to intelligent, uninterrupted cooling capacity

What makes engineers who develop compact cooling solutions happy? Being given low-noise solutions that cut costs and are easy to install. GreenIntelligence offers them high-efficiency fans with smart networking capabilities, including numerous control/monitoring functions, and digital tools for comfortable selection.

Take your applications to a new level with GreenIntelligence, and make yourself and your customers happy!


Your needs – our solution

There are wide-ranging requirements for compact cooling solutions:

  • High system reliability and efficiency, short maintenance times
  • Simple and reliable selection of the appropriate fan
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Low noise generation


Luckily, GreenIntelligence has an answer for everything:

  • GreenTech EC technology plus intelligent functions such as remote servicing and predictive maintenance based on demand with the "FanCheck" tool, capturing and transferring environmental data and outputting status/fault messages (condition monitoring), regulating the operating parameters, avoiding critical speed ranges
  • FanScout enables specific preselection (“collections”)
  • Plug & play products with simple connection via standard protocols, e.g. bus
  • Impellers with customer-specific, profiled blade geometry with reduced noise, operation based on demand

Our compact cooling solution highlights
Intelligent cooling – with high-efficiency control cabinet fans

Produktbild Diagonal Kompaktmodul

Control cabinet fans

  • Monitors the condition of fans and the surroundings
  • Precise cooling control with option for sensor connection and individual speed control
  • Warning indicator for filter clogging, excessive thermal load, maximum speed
  • Low operating costs due to EC technology and predictive maintenance

ebm‑papst CEO Stefan Brandl on GreenIntelligence

"Digital products solve problems
that analog products can’t"

With its GreenIntelligence label, ebm-papst is setting an example in digitalization. Thomas Sauer, Group Director for Digitalization and Electronics, explains the idea behind it and what customers can expect.

We’ll be glad to make you happy too!

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