Refrigeration and air conditioning are often subject to challenging ambient conditions. The demands on ventilation and air conditioning devices are constantly increasing, especially in terms of energy efficiency. ebm‑papst SEA will be launching the latest innovations in refrigeration and air conditioning technology at Booth B-M02 in Hall A,B,C at Marina Bay Sands Expo from the 6th to 8th of September 2023.

RadiPac 710/800: Compact, powerful and energy-efficient

  Fig. 1: RadiPac 710/800 EC centrifugal fan, ideal for make-up air units
Fig. 1: RadiPac 710/800 EC centrifugal fan, ideal for make-up air units

With this new RadiPac series, ebm‑papst has succeeded in significantly improving existing centrifugal fans yet again: they operate with significantly higher efficiency levels and higher speeds ensure more airflow and higher pressures, meaning that even high-pressure applications can be covered. The impeller developed according to the latest aerodynamic findings drastically reduces flow losses and further decreases the noise levels. Furthermore, for the first time, the new, most powerful EC motor, FanDrive DV280, is used in the large RadiPac sizes. This delivers a torque of up to 180 Nm with outputs of up to 24 kW. For example, it is used in the size 800 RadiPac and enables a free-air air performance of up to 50,000 m3/h and maximum pressures of 2,300 Pa. This makes the RadiPac 710/800 ideal for make-up air units.

RadiPac C Perform: Air guide modules increase efficiency

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Fig. 2: RadiPac C Perform EC centrifugal fan, ideal for air handling units

With the new RadiPac C Perform fans, we have now succeeded in improving this successful product range even further. Special air guide modules reduce outlet losses and increase efficiency levels by up to 5 percentage points, while the proven support brackets remain. The mounting dimensions and mounting hole patterns remain identical, meaning that virtually no design changes are necessary in the application to benefit from the higher efficiency levels and lower current consumption. Similar to its predecessors, the RadiPac C Perform is ideal for ducted applications, such as air handling units.

The energy-saving RadiPac C Perform fans with air guide modules in a support bracket are currently available in seven sizes (size 280 to 630) and with outputs from 4 to 8 kW. Versions without air guide modules are available in the same sizes with motor powers from 85 W to 8 kW.

RadiCal 2: Compact centrifugal fans deliver high airflow rates

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Fig. 3: RadiCal 2 EC centrifugal fan, ideal for ventilation

It has been over 10 years since ebm‑papst launched the "RadiCal" centrifugal fan series. This has now proven itself in many ventilation and air conditioning systems. With the new RadiCal fans, ebm‑papst is now presenting the second generation, which impresses with its high air flow rates, compact dimensions and pleasant noise characteristics. Since no other installation situation is the same, the new centrifugal fans are very adaptable. They are available with or without a ready-to-install housing. The new Radical will be available in the familiar sizes 175, 190, 225, 250 and 280. Size 206 is new and improves the power rating. This means that the right centrifugal fans are available for efficient residential ventilation or switch cabinet cooling, not only delivering high air flow rates, but also operating extremely quietly.

Seminar: Unlocking active sustainable design with energy-efficient ventilation strategies

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In order to mitigate the most severe impacts of climate change, it is imperative to achieve a state of net zero carbon emissions globally by the year 2050 which resulted in a growing recognition of the urgent need for sustainable practices in various industries, including architecture and building design. As buildings account for a significant portion of global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, it is crucial to explore innovative solutions that promote energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

This presentation highlights the importance of incorporating energy-efficient ventilation strategies as a fundamental component of active sustainable design. By focusing on ventilation systems, we can unlock significant opportunities for enhancing building performance, occupant comfort, and overall environmental sustainability.

Mr. Thomas Schwab (Vice President - Product Management and Strategy APAC & MEA)
Mr. Keith Tan (Sales Manager)
Date: 6th September 2023
Time: 11:00pm - 11:25pm
Location: Green View Seminar (Hall C)

Join ebm‑papst SEA at BEX Asia 2023

Aside from the aforementioned technologies and seminar, there will also be other smart technologies on display, such as our IoT solutions. Booth visitors to the ebm‑papst SEA booth will also be able to participate in a lucky draw, where winners will stand a chance to win a Y3.3 iperEspresso Machine.

To learn more about the above solutions and activities, visit the digital exhibition platform or the BEX Asia 2023 event page on ebm‑papst’s website.

To register for the trade show, please visit the BEX 2023 Visitor Registration Form. Registration is complimentary.


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