Thank you for joining us at BEX Asia 2023!
6th - 8th September

From 6th September to 8th September,
ebm‑papst participated in Built Environment Xpo Asia 2023.

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Booth No.: B-M02

Built Environment Xpo (BEX) Asia is the region’s leading trade community gathering for energy-efficient solutions in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) and Renewable Energy. Designed for HVAC contractors, mechanical engineers, facility managers, system integrators, and plumbers, the event essentially showcases HVAC, Water, Electrical and Solar Technologies.

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This year's featured innovations...

BEX Asia Featured Products - 1
  1. RadiPac C Perform - ideal for ducted applications (e.g. AHUs)
  2. RadiPac 710/800 - ideal for make up air units 
  3. RadiPac C - ideal for high efficiency segments (e.g. data centres)
  4. RadiCal 2 - ideal for general ventilation

Other innovations that will also be on display includes

  • A collection of high performance axial fans from the AxiEco and AxiBlade family
  • Latest IoT innovations

The above displays have been curated to demonstrate how ebm‑papst ventilation technology can help to supercharge your sustainability and digitalisation journey. 

Missed the event? Watch our 360 booth video!

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Seminar at BEX Asia 2023

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In order to mitigate the most severe impacts of climate change, it is imperative to achieve a state of net zero carbon emissions globally by the year 2050 which resulted in a growing recognition of the urgent need for sustainable practices in various industries, including architecture and building design. As buildings account for a significant portion of global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, it is crucial to explore innovative solutions that promote energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

This presentation highlights the importance of incorporating energy-efficient ventilation strategies as a fundamental component of active sustainable design. By focusing on ventilation systems, we can unlock significant opportunities for enhancing building performance, occupant comfort, and overall environmental sustainability.

Speaker Profiles

Thomas Schwab (Vice President | Product Management and Strategy APAC & MEA) : Thomas Schwab is a seasoned professional with 11 years of experience in the HVAC industry. As the Vice President of Product Management for APAC & MEA in ebm‑papst, he holds a pivotal role in the APAC management board. His expertise encompasses global project management, product-market strategies, and customer development, with a focus on North America and APAC markets. Having spent years stationed in China, he boasts a deep understanding of regional industry trends, applications, and regulations. From 2023 onwards, he will be stationed in Singapore. In addition, he is the APAC voting representative for ebm‑papst in the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA). Thomas' dedication to sustainable solutions and collaboration drives his passion for efficient HVAC systems.

Keith Tan (Sales Manager) : Keith Tan is a dynamic professional with a strong background in ventilation solutions for the ACMV market in Singapore. As a Sales Manager at ebm‑papst, he plays a pivotal role in driving the company's success in the industry. With a keen focus on key accounts in the AHU, FCU, and CT market segments, Keith leverages his deep understanding of these segments to cater to clients' unique needs. With over 10 years of experience in the ACMV industry, Keith has built an impressive track record in ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling applications. His multidimensional expertise enables him to provide comprehensive technical and sales support, helping clients achieve remarkable energy efficiency results.

We are a Sustainability Partner of BEX Asia 2023

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Events, such as exhibitions and trade shows, have traditionally had a substantial carbon footprint due to various factors such as energy consumption, transportation, waste generation, and venue operations. BEX Asia is no exception. Therefore, BEX Asia and a few exhibitors have partnered with the Garden City Fund (National Parks Board’s registered charity and IPC) to execute a Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Mitigation initiative. The carbon emissions will be offset through the Plant-a-Tree programme.

ebm‑papst SEA, a longstanding advocate of sustainability, is a proud sponsor of this initiative and will be planting 50 trees. This initiative represents just one of the many ways ebm‑papst is demonstrating its commitment to being environmentally responsible. Join us on our journey to green the built environment, one tree at a time!

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This BEX Asia, ebm‑papst SEA will be hosting a lucky draw for our booth visitors. There will be three prizes and one winner will be selected per exhibition day. Each winner will be entitled to:

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1 x Y3.3 iperEspresso Machine
Blue/Black/White (pre-selected)
Worth $225
Perfect for all coffee-fanatics 

Congratulations to our lucky draw winners!

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  • Lucky draw participants must be a professional in the built environment industry.
  • Each booth visitor is entitled to one lucky draw entry per exhibition day.
    • Exception: ebm‑papst BEX seminar attendees will be entitled to 1 extra bonus ticket on the 6th of Sep. To validate the ticket, attendees will need to visit the ebm‑papst booth.
    • Register with the ebm‑papst SEA marketing team physically at the ebm‑papst SEA booth in BEX Asia to enter the lucky draw.
  • Booth visitors can only submit the entry for themselves.
    • Entries that are valid for 6th-8th September are as follows:
      • 6th Sep: Entries registered on 6th Sep till 3pm on 6th Sep
      • 7th Sep: Entries registered after 3pm on the 6th of Sep till 3pm on 7th Sep
      • 8th Sep: Entries registered after 3pm on the 7th of Sep till 3pm on the 8th of Sep
    • Non-winning registrants on previous days can visit the booth to register again.
  • The three winners will be selected through a random draw at 3pm on all event dates
  • Registrants after 3pm on the 6th and 7th of September will be eligible for the subsequent day's draw
  • Winners will not be eligible for subsequent draws.
  • Each winner will be contacted immediately via call and text following the draw and have an hour to inform ebm‑papst via the same methods of their preferred collection time. If there is no response after an hour, a new winner will be selected.
  • Except for the last day of exhibition, the preferred collection time can be on following exhibition day(s).
  • All prizes are to be collected within the exhibition period.
  • Please provide some form of ID during the collection, such as your name card.
  • We hope for the winners’ kind cooperation in taking pictures for marketing purposes when prizes are collected.
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

How to get there

BEX Asia 2023, housed within BEX Asia 2023,  will be held at Marina Bay Sands Expo. Click here for further information on how to get there.