Blowers and tangential blowers for solid-fuel heating technology

Heating using biomass – powerful, economical and environmentally friendly

Size, performance and cost-effectiveness perfectly combined

Wood pellet and wood chip heating systems have very special requirements: the air flows must be provided economically in each operating state and irrespective of the heating power. In addition, there is little space in the stoves. ebm‑papst offers the right AC and EC fans to overcome these challenges.

They are tailored to different performance classes and equipped with fan impellers optimized for biomass applications. Due to their compact design, they are robust, durable and space-saving. This facilitates having the optimum size, performance and cost-effectiveness in any application.


The advantages of fans from ebm‑papst in solid-fuel heating technology:

  • Suitable for use in intake and exhaust air and for distribution of warm air
  • Low noise emissions
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Robust and compact design
  • Fan impellers that are adapted to the special requirements of biomass boilers
  • Efficient, speed-controlled EC technology for optimum fuel utilization

Induced draft fan VWS0180

Induced draft fans extract the hot exhaust gases that form when wood pellets, wood chips or firewood are burned, and convey them to the chimney. They are used in biomass stoves in living rooms and biomass heating systems in cellars.


Supply air blower VHS0160

Supply air blowers supply stoves and heaters with air from outside in a targeted way and convey this into the combustion chamber. This enables the biomass to be burned in a hygienic way.


Recirculation fan VTS0065

Recirculation fans ensure that the warm air in a room is evenly distributed so that it is warmed up more quickly. Stoves and chimney trays offer convection heat as a function for comfort. 

blowers for solid fuel burners

Blowers for solid-fuel burners

Highest precision with air-gas mixtures.

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