Heating technology systems and components for commercial and large-scale applications

Modern gas condensing technology offers optimal and future-proof solutions for supplying apartment blocks, schools, hotels or large industrial plants with heat and hot water efficiently, while saving on costs and keeping emissions low. 

System efficiency for large units

ebm‑papst even offers optimum systems and components for applications ranging from 50 to 400 kW. We also supply the right high-efficiency solutions for single boilers for commercial buildings as well as for cascaded systems for large urban complexes. Thanks to decades of experience, our heating systems, including gas blowers, Venturi, gas valves and burner control systems, always work with the optimum gas/air mixture. Regardless of the required power, and irrespective of the gas used. This enables our systems to achieve unique combustion efficiency.


ebm‑papst gas condensing technology solutions from 50 kW to 4 MW offer these advantages:

  • Highest efficiency level
  • Compact design
  • High modulation rates
  • Easy integration
  • Minimal noise emissions
  • Unique heat output capacity of up to 4 MW

Valves - composite pneumatic system

Highest precision with air-gas mixtures

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900 Series Control Platform

Have optimum control over your burner.

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system solution

Perfectly tuned individual components 

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iNR 77

From five to two: fully integrated and compact Our customer-specific solution

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H2 ready!

Green hydrogen could become the clean energy source for the heating technology sector, thereby making a significant contribution to climate protection. For households to be able to use this clean gas, they first need the right framework conditions. There are already many initiatives in Europe aimed at replacing natural gas as an energy source, including in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

H2-ready! Wir bieten zahlreiche Lösungen zum Einsatz von Wasserstoff in der Heiztechnik.

In addition to this, the right technologies must be in place.

We are ready for this new heating energy and offer numerous solutions for the use of hydrogen in heating technology.

We also invest in H2-ready technologies. Like our new gas laboratory, for example. And we are working on a system that can work with 100 percent hydrogen.

Many of our products are tested by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) for 20 percent hydrogen, e.g. the gas blowers G1G 170, G3G 200, G3G 250.

Korea’s Number One Gets Fired Up

Thanks to its efficient and robust components, Korean heating technology manufacturer KD Navien was able to launch a condensing boiler on the market that works reliably even under the most adverse conditions.

RG 148 NRG 137 RG 175 G1G 170 G3G 200 G3G 250 VG 250 VG 315 G32 F01 G40 F01 BCU 900