Naturally flammable refrigerants: attention explosion!

A low GWP means that the refrigerant is broken down quickly when it enters the atmosphere. However, this can only be assured if it is chemically reactive. And high reactivity typically goes hand in hand with high flammability. Naturally flammable refrigerants are environmentally friendly, but in case of failure, they are also highly flammable.

On the safe side with ebm-papst

ebm-papst fans are approved for the use of naturally flammable refrigerants. For example, the energy-saving ESM fan and the NiQ motor are used for refrigeration and freezer applications. ATEX-certified fans are usually not required. These are not necessary until the maximum permitted amount of refrigerant is exceeded. For refrigeration circuits with a large fill quantity, ebm-papst can also offer fans with ATEX approval II 3G nA IIA T4.

Energy-saving and networked

Generally, refrigeration systems run around the clock, so the energy they use is a big cost factor. The use fans in refrigeration and freezer equipment saves operators a lot of money, e.g. with the energy-saving fan (ESM) from ebm-papst. With the serial interface for MODBUS-RTU communication, many monitoring, controlling and control functions can be taken care of remotely and during operation and in real time. For use on the rear wall of refrigerated display cases, there is a diagonal model that installs especially flat.